Service Leadership Programs


Find a 2019 Key Leader event near you from the list below. All events are open to graduating 8th grade students and high school students grades 9 through 12.

Registration links are added to this page as they are made available by local Key Leader sponsors. Contact Site Coordinators or District Chairs for information regarding any Key Leader weekend. Click on the name of any camp to learn more about its facilities and for driving directions.

October 18-20

Thorburn, NS, Canada

Scotian Glen Camp - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: John Ryan | Lead Facilitator: Brian Ritchie

Julian, California

Camp Cedar Glen - REGISTER

District Chair: Geoff Tobias | Lead Facilitator: Greg Long

October 25-27

Sambro, NS, Canada

Bayside Camp - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Kevin Ripley | Lead Facilitator: Doug Peters

Arden, ON, Canada

Big Clear Lake Camp - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Firma French | Lead Facilitator: Carol Richard

Brantford, ON, Canada

Grand River Camp - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Sheila Donald | Lead Facilitator: Chris Niles

Larkspur, Colorado

Ponderosa Retreat Center - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Brian Ortiz | Lead Facilitator: Jane Erickson

November 1-3

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Camp Tanako - REGISTER

District Chair: John Goss | Lead Facilitator: Chris Ly

Brookston, Indiana

Camp Tecumseh - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Rebecca Mapes | Lead Facilitator: Craig Crawford

November 8-10

Louisville, Nebraska

Camp Kitaki - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Lynda Henningsen | Lead Facilitator: Doug Peters

Watha, North Carolina

Camp Kirkwood - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Steve Corbett | Lead Facilitator: Brian LeDuc

November 15-17

Greenwell Springs, Louisiana

Camp Istrouma - REGISTER

District Chair: Becky Huff | Lead Facilitator: Kim White

LaHonda, California

Camp Jones Gulch - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Russ Williams | Lead Facilitator: Scott Johnson

Ashley, Ohio

Recreation Unlimited - REGISTER

Site Coordinator: Brian Yacucci | Lead Facilitator: Carol Clyde-Gallagher

December 6-8

Lebanon, New Jersey 

Baptist Camp - REGISTER
Site Coordinator: John Polewczak | Lead Facilitator: Brian Ritchie