Service Leadership Programs

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Key Leader programs prepare young leaders to be community influencers. Students identify personal values and set goals to improve their lives, as well as the lives of their family members, fellow students at their schools, and those in their local communities. 

Many organizations have a vested interest in community development, and Kiwanis International seeks partnerships with those which are willing to make Key Leader more accessible to a greater number of students. 

Sponsor Responsibilities

In addition to securing funding for the Key Leader program, a location, meals, and rooming arrangements (optional), Sponsors manage the registration process and provide the volunteer support to organize a Key Leader program. Don't worry! Our team at Kiwanis International has put together more than 660 Key Leader programs and is ready to help!

Kiwanis International Responsibilities

Kiwanis International will provide a certified Lead Facilitator, all of the program materials, signage to hang around the room, and will have a staff member present to get your event off the ground! We have connections to volunteers and students across the United States, in Canada, and in many countries around the world to help promote your Key Leader event. 

What Types Of Organizations Sponsor Key Leader Programs?

High Schools - High schools interested in building their internal community, helping young students find their fit and identify their values, and who have an interest in high-quality training for student leaders love Key Leader.

Hosting a Key Leader program in conjunction with a college or university can offer students the unique opportunity to stay on a college campus, meet campus administrators, and set goals to help them on their educational journey.

Kiwanis Clubs & Districts - Local Kiwanis Clubs and Districts host many Key Leader programs every year! As a Kiwanis organization, you'll receive a set of supplies to keep for future weekend programs, and Key Leader is a great way to help young people learn the value of Kiwanis or to find an interest in Key Club. 

Nonprofits & Local Businesses - Show your dedication to your community and the development of your youth. Sponsor a Key Leader program and our team at Kiwanis International will work with you to identify a location, establish a registration process, and will provide resources to help you promote your event and find students.

Collaborative Discounts

Key Leader is a unique, high-quality program based off of Robert Greenleaf's Servant Leadership model and perfected since 2005 in its delivery to more than 33,000 students. We want to expand our reach and allow more students to apply social-emotional skills to their educational and professional lives. 

Kiwanis organizations receive a discounted rate to host a Key Leader program, and if your high school, college, nonprofit or business partners with a Kiwanis organization - including Kiwanis Clubs, Key Clubs, or Circle K clubs - you may receive a grant from the Kiwanis Children's Fund to reduce the upfront sponsorship cost!

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