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Life-changing Kiwanis Key Leader events continue throughout the world in 2011

With the successful conclusion of the 2011 program year, Kiwanis Key Leader has served 16,369 students in 316 leadership conferences. Since 2005, events have been held in 39 US states, 5 Canadian provinces, Malaysia, Brazil, Cayman Islands, El Salvador, and Singapore. In 2011, Key Leader program sites were added or reintroduced in California, Nevada, Virginia, Florida (US), and Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Prince Edward Island (Canada). 

The Key Leader program has also been introduced to groups from China, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Iceland, as well as the YMCA World Camp. Students from all over the world are being called to Servant Leadership and to live out the principles of Integrity, Growth, Respect, Community and Excellence. At the most recent event in Malaysia, students from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) attended from their refugee centers within Malaysia. What an exciting Kiwanis outreach!!!!

Students from this year’s events have told us about Kiwanis Key Leader: 

 “Everyone shared a common interest and it was to better ourselves and the communities we live in….I loved getting to meet so many new people and that I was always kept engaged in the presentations….I loved everything about the weekend.  I felt like I learned so much about myself and others….I’m going home with so many ideas on how to improve myself….Super fun and great learning….I met tons of new friends….Getting to know new people, learning about leadership and the sense of community….I learned how to become a better leader within my community and Key Club….I like how the Lead Facilitator is interactive with the participants and how the activities were fun….I met new people and realized things about myself that I hadn’t before….KEY LEADER IS AWESOME!!!”